Oct 05, 2017

“But in the final analysis, this situation isn’t going to a good place in its current form.” EdmontonThe mayor says there’s a lot on the city’s plate. He says the city faces high unemployment, the challenge of managing taxes, making sure businesses can thrive and looking after those overdosing on fentanyl. He says this @DivorceMediator arena deal is not about him but some people are making the arena deal about him because they want to make it about the city election. “Everyone has a right to try to influence an election.

Ah, fall, the time of year when the leaves turn gold, the air turns crisp and hockey fans start dreaming of Stanley Cup parades. It happens every year in Oiler Country, a renewed optimism ahead of a season of glorious possibilities. Too often, those buoyant feelings have proven ephemeral and illusory, quickly snowed under in a storm of lopsided losses. This year, however, Edmonton fans can take heart.

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Harsh travel review for Edmonton inspires new insider's guide 'There is a reason why darn near a million of us call this place home,' says graphic artist Posted: Sep 18, 2017 11:02 AM MT Last Updated: Sep 18, 2017 11:54 AM MT After Lonely Planet's gloomy review of the city, an Edmonton designer is gathering input to create her own tourist guide. (Google ) Travel guide 'bit of an insult' to Edmonton, mayor says After Edmonton was described by Lonely Planet as a frigidly cold stopover city, Vikki Wiercinski decided to draft a new tour guide for Alberta's capital.  The Edmonton-based artist and graphic designer is asking Edmontonians to submit their favourite local destinations and hidden gems. She will turn those #EdmontonDivorceMediation suggestions into an insider's map of the city, which will allow visitors get an idea of @DivorceMediation what the "real Edmonton" has to offer.  The tourist map is designed as a response to a negative Lonely Planet review which described Edmonton as "modern, spread out and frigidly cold" with a lifeless downtown for the "moneyed and the down-and-out." People who know Edmonton best recognize that the disparaging review was off the mark, Wiercinski said in an interview with CBC Edmonton's Radio Active .

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