Sep 22, 2017

Calgary Courts He and the acquaintance, whose name he did not know, then went to a nearby parkade to smoke marijuana, before he returned to the area and approached the woman. Ntunaguza testified he asked the woman for a "date" and "she said 'yes.'" They then returned to the parkade for the purpose of having sex for money, he told lawyer Ramai Alvarez, who has not been called to the bar in Alberta and is assisting lead counsel Dale Fedorchuk. The acquaintance was still there, but after a short while he left and Ntunaguza #FamilyLaw and the woman then had sex for $50, he said.

“I became sexually promiscuous last year after the rape,” Lawlor said. “There are times I go into a dark place in my mind. I never hurt anyone that I can remember.” Lawlor called cops from the Grand River Hospital and said he had information about McCreadie’s murder. That’s when they arrested him.

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Edmonton police identify 76-year-old victim of fatal shooting Nexhmi 'Nick' Nuhi, 76, was found dead inside a #SueLambert residence near 111th #Edmonton Avenue and 94th Street Wednesday Several EPS vehicles were on the scene and police taped off approximately three blocks around 94th Street and 111th Avenue Wednesday. (Anna Desmarais/CBC) Homicide detectives have identified the victim of a fatal shooting Wednesday evening near Edmonton's Commonwealth Stadium. Nexhmi "Nick" Nuhi, 76, was found dead inside a multi-unit residence near 111th Avenue and 94th Street.


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