Sherwood Park

Sep 14, 2017

An Insightful Overview On Recognising Criteria Of

(Legal Services) would have had to incorporate it into the bylaw, but because of the provisions, they didn’t have to.” Since the new bylaw took effect on July 1, Narbonne said that, so far, things have been going well with taxi drivers. “We have had an incredibly high compliance from taxi companies both from the drivers and the vehicles,” he said, adding: “There @EdmontonDivorceMediation are still some that need to come @EdmontonDivorceMediator forward and make #FamilyLaw sure they get all their registration switched over to the new bylaw, but overall, we are seeing a very good compliance.” Narbonne said Enforcement Services has experienced a couple of issues in regards to local company concerns about accessible taxis from the City of Edmonton operating in Sherwood Park. “Ultimately, we explained to them that it is important to have that service available for our citizens that are less mobile,” he explained. “They may be mobility challenged, there may be a bunch of other reasons, which is why an accessible taxi is required.

Mounties caught up to the vehicle near 17 street and while they tried to pull the vehicle over, the suspect took off at a high rate of speed. RCMP did not follow the vehicle due to a risk to the public. While fleeing the truck stop, the driver crashed into a Ford truck at Victoria Trail. The driver hopped out of the vehicle after the crash and was arrested by RCMP after a short foot chase. He was taken to the University of Alberta hospital, treated and released before being taken into custody pending a judicial interim release hearing.

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