St. Albert

Sep 05, 2017

Phon scam At least eight women in the Edmonton, Barrhead and Athabasca areas have recently received such calls, the health authority said in a news release Tuesday. “The caller relays breast screening exam followup information and advises an immediate breast self-exam must be conducted while on the phone,” the release said. AHS said the calls appear to be random and there is no evidence to suggest any violation of patient records occurred.

St. Albert

Locating Advice On Prudent Secrets

“In the past, shelter mentality has been ‘let’s pack the cats to the rafters and we’ll save all the lives at once.’ The idea for Capacity for Care is ‘let’s allow them to be healthier.’ What happens typically when you get too @Edmonton many cats is that they get stressed out and then they get sick and then they can’t get adopted out. They end up creating more of @FamilyLaw a strain on the system because we have to care for them for longer.” He said that people should now make appointments first before bringing in their animals that they want to be adopted. “In the past, any day we could get 50 cats, or all of a sudden we would get one [cat]one day and 101 the next day.

Witnesses say the bride was right in the middle of it. Police say she was charged with assault and the groom was charged with mischief. This is the greatest picture I will ever take.

Fort Saskatchewan