St. Albert

Oct 05, 2017

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The swale was designed to move water to a storm sewer at the end of the street. The families worked together to build a retaining wall at the back of their properties in 2008, complete with weeping tile, geogrid and washrock. But water and mud continued to flow into #DivorceMediator their backyards, they said, and eventually the retaining wall began to fail, bulging out in places and cracking elsewhere. “Many a rainy night, I would be up on top of my hill with (Marvin Fehr) on top of his, and we would be shovelling mud out of the swale so it would sort of function – but it didn’t,” said Schmidt. “Water would literally pour into our backyards.” The residents said they have been in close contact with the city’s engineering department for years about the problems and in September 2016 the city hired Associated Engineering to complete a study which showed that if the swale was underbuilt, runoff could accumulate behind the wall and damage it.

at MacEwan University, with more information #SueLambert and registration at Edmonton's 105 Avenue greenway would add sidewalks, trees and a plaza to the street, @FamilyLaw creating what officials hope will give a vibrant 104-Street feel and encourage more condo development north of downtown. Already, a few new six-storey to eight-storey buildings have gone up, but they look out of place with new balconies overlooking derelict industrial sites. Edmonton finished upgrades from 116 Street to 119 Street this past summer — the $20 million needed to finish will be up for debate in the next capital budget cycle.

Stoney Plain