Stoney Plain

Oct 01, 2017

vote box Candidate steps forward to serve as Fort Chipewyan school trustee Wednesday, September 20, 2017 06:10 PM MDT A candidate from Fort Chipewyan has stepped up to represent the fly-in community on the #EdmontonDivorceMediation Northland school board after the race sat vacant for two days. Rubi-Helen Shirley was acclaimed to represent the northern Alberta community on the board, which will be the #Edmonton division's first elected school board in seven years, Northland #DivorceMediator School Division said Wednesday. Northland, which runs 23 schools with 2,700 mostly Indigenous students in an area about the size of Italy, has been without an elected board since 2010, when chronic attendance problems and low test scores prompted the province to dismiss the board and appoint an official trustee. Intending to return Northland to a democratic model, the government this spring passed the Northland School Division Act. When nominations closed Monday, no one had signed up to run for three of the 11 new trustee seats in Northland, prompting the division to extend the nomination period in those three wards.

He was the longtime domestic abuse victim at the hands of his wife, Lisa Mitchell. And that’s why he strangled her to death in 2012 and then stuffed the dead woman’s body into a Rubbermaid container and cemented it into their basement wall. But all he got from his victim’s family was disgust and contempt. “It was your fault,” Sarah Mitchell snarled at Shyback.

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Wejr said parents have approached him to thank him for recognizing their child. He said that he has also noticed that achievement in the school has increased because children are more focused on the process of learning rather than an award. "Those people who are giving awards are promoting excellence in a very narrow criteria.St. Albert